About Us

Emede-Electric was founded in 1990 and has significantly grown as an electrical integrating company with strong engineering and manufacturing abilities in the USA, Europe and South America.
We are an integrator and supplier of EATON’s electrical distribution products and related services for the world’s industrial applications. Our customers include oil and gas, mining as well as engineering companies engaged in constructing industrial gatherings, transportation, processing and power generation facilities. Our principal products include E-Houses, Low and Medium voltage Switchgear, MCCs, panelboards, and transformers among others.
We provide standard and custom designed electrical solutions, under NEMA and / or IEC standards in the Low and Medium Voltage range (up to 38kV), to customers located in the US and around the globe e.g. South America, Middle East, Australia, and Europe. Our markets are mining, oil & gas, renewable energy, transportation, cement and various commercial and industrial applications.

With passion to exceed our company missions and living and breathing our values in our daily interactions with our employees, customers and suppliers, we are a trusted integrator of power, distribution and control equipment solutions, including switchgear, substations, modular e-houses, protection and control systems.
We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality electrical equipment and solutions to our valued customers, while providing sustainable and long term opportunities for our employees.
Emede-Electric has extensive Middle size-Project Experience with a large variety of Switchgear/MCC/VFD, Buildings from small LV MCC buildings to 100+ foot, complex Well-Pad Buildings. Our smooth integration of the MV Switchgear, VFDs, LV MCCs, UPS, BPCS and Fiber, regardless of the complexity provides our clients with a great deal of satisfaction while earning us consistent repeat business.
EATON, the leading power and automation technology group, has granted Emede-Electric with an OEM contract that allow us to provide electrical equipment in container design, known as E-houses, to ensure reliable power distribution to remote projects locations around the globe.
With an average lifetime of 30 years, E-houses can be configured to withstand extreme climate and environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, storm and with various levels of fire rating. The container sized E-house allows for easy transportation, installation and commissioning.

We help our clients with the need of a reliable, safety and uninterrupted operations in the harshest environments. Our customized solutions can be retrofitted to extend life-cycles, so you can meet changing regulatory and processing requirements. Wherever your business takes you, we’ll help you make the most of your investment.
Our production team consists of skilled welders, wiremen and panel assemblers. All projects are carefully analyzed and planned prior to fabrication enabling our production staff to provide superior quality workmanship on schedule at competitive prices.Our engineering team has considerable experience in building, electrical control and panel design. We can provide detailed layouts for panels or timely updates to your drawings. At Emede-Electric we are well placed to offer our EPC Clients and Clients partners a variety of integration options to meet the requirements of your most complex and demanding applications. From a complete project package to individual buildings within a project group.
Our Missions are to delivervalue and provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable power management solutions to our customers. And be recognized as a leading solution provider in the manufacture, integration and design of E-Houses. To accomplish this, we conduct ourselves under the values of respect, integrity, commitment, health and safety. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market. Our employees are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across the organization. Let us collaborate with your next project. We are here to help.