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At EMEDE ELECTRIC we understand that, for most companies in any industry, a loss of energy is simply an inconvenience. But, for some companies, survival depends on electrical energy. For this particular companies and sectors; a loss of power would be disastrous, resulting in a great loss of property, data or income; a loss so great that it could jeopardize the very survival of the business. Our clients focus their attention on new projects to ensure 100% uptime, designing and building critical facilities to protect sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, or other energy reliability issues that can damage equipment and delay the production.




More than a decade manufacturing integrated industrial solutions

To meet the needs of customers, At Emede-Electric we integrate, build and provide the highest quality and most reliable electrical distribution and control equipment in the low and medium voltage range.

Diseñando cada sistema para confiabilidad y rendimiento

Emede-Electric tiene la mejor relación ingeniero / empleado de cualquier fabricante de equipos de protección y control de potencia. El...

Sistemas integrados

El concepto es agrupar equipos eléctricos de control y distribución en prefabricados y Edificios modulares transportables, que proporcionan instalaciones rápidas llave...

Servicio receptivo, capacitación y atención al cliente

Emede-Electric se compromete a mantener a sus clientes en funcionamiento con energía confiable y limpia. Con este fin, Emede-Electric mantiene...

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