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Sistemas Integrados (IS)

  1. Solid base and floor system with low deflection
  2. Solid web roof trusses
  3. High r value insulation, optional mineral wool available
  4. High pitch roof levels for water shed and strong loading levels
  5. Rigid fully framed walls with optional fire ratings
  6. Medium voltage switchgear
  7. Rear access equipment doors with built-in safety features
  8. Low voltage switchgear
  9. Motor control centers
  10. DC power system including batteries. charger and panel
  11. Cable tray sized and rated for the application
  12. Power and control cable installed, terminated and tested
  13. Interior ground bus available as bus bar or cable
  14. HVAC system, optional redundancy available
  15. Fire detection and suppression system
  16. Man safety, including eye wash and fire extinguisher

At emede-electric we understand that for most business in any industry, a loss of power is merely an inconvenience. But, for some businesses, survival depends on power. For this businesses and particular industries; a loss of power would be disastrous, resulting in a huge loss of property, data or income; a loss so great that it could jeopardize the business’ very survival.

Our customers focus their attention on new projects to ensure 100% uptime, designing and building critical facilities to protect sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, or other power reliability problems that can damage equipment and delay production.

It is for projects such as these that emede-electric integrate, build and provide the highest quality, most dependable electric control and distribution equipment in the low and medium voltage range to fit the customer’s needs.

+ Integrated Systems (IS)

+ Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear

+ Motor Control Centers (MCC)

+ Panelboards

+ Dry type transformers

More than one decade providing industrial integral solutions…to ever more complex requirements, integrating specialized equipment and electrical systems fir different applications fo the Oil & Gas industry, Mining, Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial and Services industries.

The concept is to group control and distribution electrical equipment in prefabricated and transportable modular buildings, providing turnkey quick installations.


Distribution & control (is-dc)

Overview and features
Also, called power houses, the (is-dc) are complete buildings of modular design; control and electrical systems supervision devices and equipment, ready for their use and definitive work location. Without any limitations in size, modulation and architecture, the (is-dc) can be used in small projects as well as large developments of industrial, mining and service areas.


Equipment included

The IS-DC can include equipment such as: Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear; Low and Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC); PLC systems; Panelboards: Switchboards; Lighting and Power Centers; Auxiliary Transformers among others.

They also include auxiliary services such as: A/C HVAC; Emergency Lighting; Standard Lighting, Pressurization equipment; Fire detection equipment; Fire extinguishing equipment and free retardant insulation.


These units are the ideal solution to optimize the administration and control of the electrical energy in remote places such as industrial pumping stations, material handling areas, industrial and mining processes areas, conveyor belts, etc. With these (is-dc) Shelters an efficient handling can be achieved, and an effective care and suitable control of the electrical equipment at long distances or remotely located.


Generation (is-gc) & transformation (is-tc)

Overview and features

The (is-gc) have been developed to respond to the increasing necessity to take energy to places where the normal utility power supply does not have operational service or economic feasibility, or back-up energy supply for critical process in remote locations is needed.

The (is-tc) provide the voltage conversion in points near their consumption, containing all the necessary accessories and elements for their reliable and independent operation.

These shelters provide a complete solution for transformation and supply of electrical energy, excelling in their mobility, modularity, implementation speed, relocation, reusability and economy.


Equipment inlcuded

The (is-gc) include the generator, Control Systems, Protection Boards, Distribution Panelboards, Transfer Switches, Synchronizing Panels, Fuel Tank, Vent Systems, Soundproof Design, Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, among others, according to specifcations.

The (is-tc) include the transforming equipment, Control Systems, Protection Panelboards, distribution Panelboards, Vent Systems, and all other functional or security additions that are required.


Among their varied applications are: Transformation and supply of energy in remote areas, backup transportable energy, civil construction camps and transitory facilities, and any other activity where prime or backup supply of electrical energy is needed.


Communication & instrumentation shelters (is-cc)

Overview and features
The communication and instrumentation shelters are independent units, specially constructed to contain equipment of monitoring, measurement, reception, processing and voice, images and data transmission equipment’s and instruments. Also, can be used for any remote command and supervision systems.


Equipment included
Aside from the specific equipment and systems that every customer wishes to install for its own application, these units usually are furnished with HVAC Systems, Pressurization Systems, Systems for Detection, signal and Suppression of fire, battery banks and chargers and/or photovoltaic backup power, antennas among others.


Command station posts throughout gas, oil or mining ducts, aqueducts or others. Air monitoring stations, Seismic, meteorological and geodesic stations. Telephone and television retransmitted stations, voice and data transmission centers, On-site research laboratories among others.


Engineering every system for reliability and performance

Emede-Electric has the highest engineer to employee ratio of any manufacturer of power control and protection equipment.

The design and manufacture of every emede-electric system is supervised by an experienced engineer who serves as a team leader, managing and shepherding the project through engineering, assembly, testing, installation, and start-up.