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Low voltage switchgear IEC Standard




xEnergy provides a maximum of protection for people and equipment. The higher the development level of the technology used (Fixed, Removable or Withdrawable), the more convenient it will be to maintain and replace the switchgear modules. This will not only minimize the number of work accidents, the number of defects in engines and the duration of training required for the switchgear, it will also provide reassurance and peace of mind as you know you are using safety-tested and state-of-the-art design-verified switchgear assemblies in conformity with the new IEC/EN 61439 standard.



  • The xEnergy system is designed for increasing future requirements. Its module-based design allows for smart combinations and expansions
  • Each function module of this switchgear assembly is perfectly prepared and consistently conceived – from the fitting system technology and enclosure to the software tools. It provides optimum conditions for building infrastructure up to 6300 A
  • The system complies with the IEC 60439-1, as well as the IEC 61439-2.


Reliable in Operation

  • Complete product design third party certified in accordance with IEC 61439-2 (Verification by testing).
  • Designed and tested according to IEC/TR 61641 criteria 1-7.
  • Full internal separation of all functional units designed in accordance with form 2b, 3b, 4a and 4b (up to BS-EN forms of separation types 6 and 7).
  • Use of Eaton components inside


With xEnergy, Eaton offers a design-verified switchgear assembly for maximum trouble-free operation. The right choice of either the fixed, removable or fully withdrawable technology keeps down times to a minimum and allows users to opt for the right technology depending on the calculability of shut-offs.


Technical Details

XP Power Sections

  • Incoming supplies, outgoers and couplings with circuit breakers
  • Internal separation up to form 4
  • Cable connection from the top or bottom
  • Incoming supply system for drill-free cable connection


XF Fixed

  • Power outgoers with circuit breakers and fuse switch disconnectors up to 630 A
  • Internal separation up to form 4
  • Individual outgoers, such as controlgear, motor starters, small power outgoers etc.


XR Removable

  • Power outgoers with circuit breakers and strip type switch-disconnector-fuse, up to 630A
  • Empty modules for individual applications
  • Plug-in modules and strip type switch-disconnector-fuse can be replaced under live-line working conditions
  • Internal separation up to form 4
  • Easy maintenance and reduced down times


XW Withdrawable

  • Power outgoers with circuit breakers up to 630 A
  • Outgoers for motor starters up to 250 KW
  • Empty drawers for individual applications
  • Easy and uniform handling for all drawer sizes
  • Drawers can be replaced under live-line working conditions
  • Internal separation up to form 4
  • Unambiguous position indicator for operating, test or de-energised status
  • Easy maintenance without any special tools required for replacement jobs
  • Minimum down times
  • IEC/EN 61439 standard


XG General

  • Power factor corrections
  • Fitting systems for sub-distribution with devices for modular installation
  • Control technology with SASY 60i and xStart
  • Individual fixed units on a mounting plate