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Paralleling switchgear

Emede-Electric paralleling switchgear and control systems are designed and built to provide complete control of fully configured power generation systems. These teams integrate all facets of measurement, protection, communication, and control to guarantee optimal and economic performance of the system.

Emede-Electric’s experience with generators and voltage regulators, primary systems, and controllers; allow the design of efficient and innovative parallelism systems for any application.



Types of configurations:

  • Primary: It is when the generators are the only ones responsible for the electrical energy; for example, on a generation island, a ship, plants at remote sites, or military-type applications.
  • Standby (Auxiliary or Reserve): When the generators serve as an assistance system in case the network flow fails main power; We find these systems in hospitals, airports, data banks, treatment plants, etc.
  • Distribution Systems: When generators are used to support the main supply network (in peak consumption hours), also acting in some cases as a Standby system.


Intrinsic System Features

  • Load priority controls where loads are used for different sequences, high or low priority, based on the capabilities and characteristics of the system.
  • Control for generator operation where only a predetermined number of generators are turned on to generate the required load; this can be at random or under an established sequence.
  • Operation of the interface with touch screen terminals (OIT) or Machine-Human Interfaces (HMI) where the control of the system can be carried out directly on the panel or panel. control (switchgear) or from a remote point PC / PLC.
  • Communications from a remote point in the most common protocols in the industry such as modbus / canbus with the ability to interact with Ethernet interface models.